Artwork Requirements

For you LOGO to look the best, we ideally need your artwork supplied in suitable formats. Generally the higher quality the better. Below are our preferred formats but don't fear, we are here to help. Our in house graphics designers can redraw your logo, from even the sketchiest photocopy and guess what? We don't charge a cent, its all part of our Promise to You - to make your PromoMate experience as easy as.

Preferred Artwork Formats

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator Document (.ai)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)

The above are what are know as Vector images(there are some exceptions for .pdf but we wont get into that now!). Essentially they are created using mathematical formulas as opposed to coloured dots or blocks. Because of this they are resolution independent and can be made as large or small as possible without any loss of quality. They also generally contain your Logo or Images colours as pantone references, which is exactly what our print guys need.

Other Formats We Can Work With

*The below are often Resolution dependent - Look for a dpi number in the files properties.

  • Adobe Photoshop Image (.psd)
  • Bitmap Image (.bmp)
  • GIF Image (.gif)
  • JEPG Image (.jpeg)
  • Microsoft Word Document (.doc,.docx)
  • PICT Image (.pic)
  • PNG Image (.png)
  • PostScript File (.ps)
  • TIF Image (.tif,.tiff)

The above are generally types of Raster images, a file that is comprised of varying numbers of bits. Depending on the format, files sizes can be very small or large. The images produced are often crisp when used at the native size but unfortunately can distort when made larger or smaller, becoming blocky or pixelated. If you are not sure what format your Logo's or Artwork is in, give us a call, were here to help and we can make your

If you need help, give us a shout, 0439 019 826 or email. We love talking about your ideas!


To ensure that your artwork is printed correctly, we need to make sure we are seeing the same colour. As crazy as its sounds, depending on different computer screens, and finishes on real life items we all see things a little differently. Upon placement of your order we will ask you what the Pantone (PMS) colours are of your particular file. These are normally detailed with in your artwork design file, corporate artwork directory or your branding stategy. Ours is PMS 185, its how we know our red colour is always going to be that same shade. Pantone Colour guides are available and we have one HERE however depending on your computers graphics card this is not always 100% accurate, so we also advise consulting the real life Pantone Swatches. Full Colour print jobs are our only exception, for these we have the luxury of using CMYK or RGB colours.

If this all sounds too hard, dont stress, we can help. We can colour match for you and don't forget you will always have to sign off on an Artwork Proof prior to finalization of your order.

Changing Colours

Depending on your item and budget, sometimes its required to have your Logo or Artwork in less colours than normal or even in a single colour. This is often the case if your Logo consists of varying shades of the same colour. Normally your graphic designer will have provided guidelines on such instances and have Logos prepared for just this eventuality. If you only have the artwork in its original mixed colour glory, don't worry, send it over and our savvy bunch of designers will be able to transform it into it's, single, two or three colour print options