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March 25, 2017
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March 31, 2017
Remember Branded Promo

Promo Products Make the World Turn

Need to Build some BRAND loyalty or just want to reward that special client with a little 'something'. Branded Promotional Products get Results but we don't need to tell you that otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Its a fact that customers or prospects that receive a quality branded promotional product will remember your business. Check out some of the facts below and see just how true they ring. Something that money really can't buy is Brand Loyalty defined as a pattern of behavior where people become committed to certain brands and make repeat purchases from the same brands time and time again. These Loyal customers often consistently purchase products from their preferred brands, and normal do regardless of convenience or price. Promo Products are a proven way to make you mark.

As always we always stress that you make sure you choose your products with your end goal in mind, don't worry about the branding - we make sure it always looks spot on and were also here to help you plan your marketing efforts. We have seen trends and fads come and go and are here to point you in the right direction, listen to your needs and meet your budgets and timeframes - everytime - its what we do.

Check out some of these proven facts below and see just how many ring true. We know if you go searching on your desk, digging in your cupboard or even trawling through your car you will see just how true and proven promotional products are.


of People Use Promo Products Everyday


of People can Recall the Advertiser of a Promotional Product


of Consumers Own at least 1 Promotional Product


of People Keep their Promotional Products for 1 year or more


of Advertisers Say Promotional Products Increased Brand Awareness


of Advertisers say Promotional Products created more Favorable Impression of the Brand itself

Most Popular Products

  • Clothing65%
  • Writing Instruments60%
  • Caps45%
  • Drinks Bottles44%
  • Bags42%
  • Tech and USB39%
  • Buttons/Badges/Lanyards33%
Boost your BRAND identity today, give us a call, we love a chat and will make sure your next campaign gets the results you deserve.